Genoa is a young and lively city, with a very modern soul inside a “body” scattered with countless places of historical and cultural interest. From the old town rising up behind the port area to the wonderful forts looking over it with watchful eye from the hill tops, Genoa is an intertwining of ancient places and surprising and absolutely contemporary events; it is a city absolutely capable of giving a young and lively meaning to the word "culture".

Discover the charm of the narrow streets and the shops of the largest historic area in Europe, the Strada Nuova Museums, the UNESCO Palazzi dei Rolli, the Porto Antico area, with its charming views, the Acquario and the Galata Sea Museum for a dip in science and nature.

 Genoa will never cease to amaze you: it’s a fascinating city, that will reveal you little by little and will conquer you!

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 Text and pictures: courtesy of Genova Turismo, Promoting Portal of Genoa City Council

Genova can be reached easily by plane, train and car.

There direct daily flights connecting Genova to Munich, Paris and Rome from where good connection to intercontinental flights can be arranged.

The "Cristoforo Colombo" airport, over 1 million passengers per year and it’s the fastest and most spectacular way to approach Genoa: the landing strip 29/11 is 3.025 metres long and it is almost entirely surrounded by the sea. Landing on strip 29 gives the opportunity to enjoy a dramatic view of Portofino and of the whole town of Genoa from the sea, the plane flies low over the city and it nearly touches the "Lighthouse", symbol of the town. At your check-in do not forget to ask for a seat by the window on the right side of the plane!

Text and pictures: courtesy of Genova Turismo, Promoting Portal of Genoa City Council, where more info about traveling to Genova ca be found